- If there isn't a tag for the character you're interested in, make one. Tags are first come, first serve, unless a tag was already being used for that character and it's different from the one shown. Fighting over tags would defeat the purpose of making characters easier to track, so let's just agree that all these tags are stupid but useful. :)

- Please pick tags that are easy to spell and don't contain frequently TumblrSavior'd phrases. (That would make them harder to use.)

- Tags can be as ridiculous as you want, but it makes it easier for everyone if it's related to the character in some way that makes it memorable.

- Please keep tags in alphabetical order according to the character's name and bold the character's name within the tag. If it doesn't involve the official English localization name, please put it in parentheses after the suggested tag so that people can find it with Ctrl + F.

Eg: Skittle Eater Lachesis (Raquesis)
(This is a horrible example tag, but I figure no one needs to make a new tag for Lachesis anyway.)

- If you see anything weird happening (tags vanishing/being overwritten, pages being deleted, etc,) or you want something added to this main page, you can drop me an ask and I'll try to help. Otherwise, I promise not to get involved. This is all on the community.

Index by World

Archanea (FE 1, 2, 3, 11, 12)

Jugdral (FE 4, 5)

Elibe (FE 6. 7)

Magvel (FE8)

Tellius (FE 9, 10)

Awakening (FE13)

Multiverse (Characters who make significant appearances in multiple universes)

Pairings (Any game)

Why are we doing this?

After being rather taken with Henry from Awakening, I discovered rather quickly that searching for posts named "Henry" on Tumblr was extremely inefficient. A few days later I discovered a tag named "disney princess henry." Wtf, thought I. But then I realized that "disney princess henry" was filled with only posts about my favorite psychopathic Plegian dark mage. Totally useful! So I started to use it myself.

A friend asked me what the story was behind it, and I shrugged and told her I had no idea, but it was useful.

After laughing about it, she mentioned that it would actually be pretty handy to have that for more characters.

I agree.

Hence this wiki was born.

(As for the truth behind this mystery: teliiii was kind enough to answer me.)

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